Sunday, June 19, 2016

convinced that I am, but I am not convinced of what I am...

Q: I am convinced that I am, but I am not convinced of what I am. Intellectually I know that I am the Self but I don't experience this. I have to make a lot of effort.
Annamalai Swami: To experience the Self you have to dive deep into the consciousness 'I am.’
Q: You mean I should keep the mind there?
AS: Yes. When you see the rope as a rope there is no snake. You also know that there never was a snake.
When you cease to imagine that you are a body and a mind, reality shines of its own accord. If you stabilize in this state you can see that the mind didn't go anywhere; you will gain the direct insight that it never really existed. 'Keeping the mind in its source' is just another of saying 'direct realization that it never existed'.
Q: But how is one to awaken from perpetual body-consciousness? For consciousness to manifest one must have a body.

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AS: If there is the constant meditation that consciousness is your own reality in which all phenomena are appearing and disappearing, that meditation is the activity of the sattvic mind. It is this activity which erases and dissolves the tamas and rajas which cover the reality.
The human body is the only vehicle in which it is very convenient to realize the unmanifest Self. With the body and the mind we can investigate and discover the Reality, which remains unaffected by the body and the mind. With a good car we can travel fast and reach our destination. We know that the car is not the person; the person is in the car. We should regard the body in the same way that we regard a car. We should not think 'I am the body'. We should think 'This body is a useful vehicle. If I maintain it and give it proper fuel, I can use it to take me to my destination.'

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