Saturday, October 1, 2016

you can't use up creativity, but you can stifle it, or turn down the dial...

"You can't use up creativity...the more you use the more you have." That's a relief to know, but also a bit scary. Because, maybe I'd end up like a hamster on a wheel - just madly making zafus. Which I wouldn't mind - if they sold like mad. Like I once went on a decade long, mad, crazy, passionate trip making all sizes, colors of Cathedral Windows quilts and wallhangings. I sold a lot of them, gave a lot away to charity auctions, and still have a few that simply would not sell. And one, that I won't sell because it was the crowning achievement of that whole love affair.

Hibiscus Pink (buckwheat hull filled) Zafu

Zafu in Rose Floral (on a warm brown background)
 Click on (rose floral zafu) caption to see all 28 selections in my Zafu-SkidRow-Closeout section!
Now is a great time to holiday shop, while there are still great choices available.

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