Monday, February 6, 2017

you are the formless, timeless, unborn...

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj~
"The whole world is an ever-changing state. No form is permanent.
All you have to do is see the dream as a dream … 
you are the formless, timeless, unborn. 
I ask you to stop imagining that you were born, 
have parents, are a body, will die and so on."

Nisargadatta was born on 4/17/1897 in Bombay. After his father died, he moved to Bombay to support his family back home, following his elder brother. Initially he worked as a junior clerk at an office but quickly he opened a small goods store, mainly selling beedis – leaf-rolled cigarettes, and soon owned a string of eight retail shops. In 1924 he married, and they had three daughters and a son. 
Nisargadatta supported himself, his wife and children by selling small goods and beedis. I'm not Nisargadatta, but I do love his teachings. I also (try to) support myself, using the skills I currently have. Quite honestly, I need to pay some large-ish bills very soon. Homeowner's insurance bill is a down payment of several hundred dollars - due Mar. 1st. Vehicle insurance is a payment of $100. due this month - 2/25/17. I need to get my car into a shop and see why it is smelling of sulphur all the time, and running poorly. New car brakes are needed, too. I would like to start holding small meditation meetings in my home once or twice a week, and to do that I need to do some work on the master bathroom pipes - either jetting them or replacing them. This will cost from $100. at the least to $1K to 2K. at the most. And there are the ongoing monthly bills for utilities, etc. I need to make many, many sales in my etsy store, and I am open to accepting paypal donations payable to  

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