Sunday, November 18, 2018

slub a dub dub...

Robert Allen slub linen zafus continue to be a bestseller at ZafuChi,
 and most frequently hearted/favorited...
I don't know exactly why, but "I can take it"!
I enjoy working with this particular fabric. It has a nice weight to it
 so it handles very nicely for cutting and sewing.
And in response to my query about her repeat purchases 
of slub linen products one California buyer said 
that after several years of studio use it wears well, and
 they just like the look of the fabric/zafu. Good to know!

slub linen zafu - dyed with natural dye materials from my yard

slub linen bolster pillowcase

slub linen zafu, with machine stitched reed design

charcoal slub linen zafu

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