Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4th Craft Sale

About a month ago a local acquaintance contacted me about having a booth at a craft sale featuring handmade items. Since this craft sale was the first in what we hope becomes a regular event featuring handmade items, I decided to not have my expectations too high as far as sales go, but rather focus on developing friendships and having a good social time. I had a good time, did lay the groundwork for possibly continuing friendships, and made a number of smaller sales. And of course, bought irresistible stuff, too!
I'm happy to say that one of my Cathedral Windows potholders sets that I had on etsy sold, a set of 8 table napkins sold, as well, as several pints of Calamondin Marmalade (made from calamondin fruit picked from a tree on Whidden Rd.), several pints of Pomegranate and Red Wine Jelly, a number of purses fat quarters, 5 potted everbearing strawberry plants, 2 potted Friendship plants, and last but not least, one potted Jade plant.
The vendors agreed to a second sale on the last saturday in September. Now we're going to have to focus on preparing our flyers and business cards and getting the word out , and getting some of these vendors set up with etsy accounts so that we can form a local etsy street team.
And one of our little brown hens is officially sitting on a nest full of eggs! I have never been first hand witness to this occurrence. Luckily, her nest is in the hen house where she's safe at night from raccoons and other predators. And with food readily available.

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