Sunday, April 12, 2009


Very foggy here this morning which is good for all the trees and plants since we're still in a so-called drought. This week I saw two white tailed deer while on my morning walk...we thought there weren't any here.. just the smaller mule deer. And this morning I came across a little turtle on Whidden Rd. He had burrowed down a little in the dirt road. So, I wrapped him in a clean tissue and carried him along till I got back here and placed him at the edge of the pond. That may have been my good deed for the day! Yesterday I came across several treasures on my "treasure hunt"...two antique side chairs, both need reupholstering. Annnnd! I found a Kenmore sewing machine for a $1.00. Yes, that's right... one dollar! It has more fancy stitches than mine so I need to play around with that to see if I want to keep it or pass it on to a little girl I know who wants to learn how to sew. This listing is for a beautiful piece of fabric. have a peek!

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