Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Christmas Stockings and Silk Pillows

Much as I enjoy and appreciate the online community for friendship, inspiration and resources, it isn't comparable to meeting with like-minded people in the flesh. Specifically referring to attending our local quilt guild meeting, and it's many talented quilters. The part of the meeting that I personally enjoy the most is show and tell. While I haven't managed to "show and tell" my own sewing projects in this guild, one of these days I will, so I will. One of the pix here is of three Cathedral Windows Christmas stockings that have been upgraded from decorative to stockings. Yes, I opened up the stitching on the back and added pockets. I made them in 2007 and still have about 24 left. Six have been committed to a fundraiser bazaar sale in November, and the others I will take with me to a local event in December, as well as list on etsy. The other pic is an upcycled silk pillow made using the original buttons, pocket with giraffe and leaves. This is my first time using bamboo fiber for the pillow stuffing. I really like it! Besides all the environmental reasons to love it, it has a bit if a scrunchy feel when I handle it...like squeezing cornstach between my fingers. And, next on the agenda is making pillow forms for two very unique pillows.

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