Friday, September 4, 2009

Support Indie Artists and Crafters-Sept.4th FFAW on etsy

Today, September 4th, is firstfridayartwalk on To shop, do a search under "all items" then use one of the following: firstfridayartwalk, FirstFridayArtWalk, ffaw, artwalk, walk. My suggestion would be to use seems to include all the listings and more.~Since I've been making things with my hands most of my life, the work and play of individuals and their ability to sell directly to the buyer, is something I hold dear to my heart and value strongly. May the blessings be!


Doris Sturm said...

Sorry I missed the Art Walk this month, but I just joined the team today and I'm looking forward to October 2nd ;-)

Sarah said...

Hi Doris! Yep, there's always next firstfridayartwalk. Took a look at your blog and you are an amazing woman! That butterfly project is absolutely astounding! Unfortunately, I don't crochet, but that project certainly makes me want to.