Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Totally Cool! Heron Dance, handmade paper, and a magnet

Maybe the air conditioning and heating company wouldn't be too thrilled, but I got a bit of a charge out of completing this fun little project! The supplies used are the magnet, a piece of paper that looks like handmade paper (I got it at a yard sale and they indicated it was commercially made), a photocopy from Rod McIver's watercolors of Heron Dance (he emails a free weekly newsletter), industrial magic marker, and my sewing machine. First I did the sewing, then glued the pic, then pressed it overnight, then edged it with marker. Two more magnets to go! Then I'll have to wait for more phone books to arrive inour mail with magnets on them!


Sarah said...

Oh, crap! I just notice the watercolor picture is upside down! Don't you just love it when that happens!

Doris Sturm said...

You are so creative - a chick with a hammer ;-) Just wanted to check in and say Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah, to you and yours. I'll be shutting the computer off for the rest of the day (or two) to get a break from blogging so I can get some actual work done :-)

Have a great day,
(off for a nice, crips walk)

Sarah said...

Wait till you see what I do with the idea Fred just gave me to for the netting that our T-Day turkey came in!

Valerie said...

HaHa, that explains why I couldn't quite make out what the picture was showing. heehee Thanks for the laugh.
Nice idea.
P.S. You might see a blank comment. I hit 'back' to see the picture again.