Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Tail in the End

In the end there is no tale or tail. Here are two pix of our rescue kitty. He is wearing the scarf they decked him out with at the animal hospital on Tuesday, when they amputated his entire tail.
Lucky, is recovering really well. All the tests came back negative for any diseases. And he is the purring-est cat I've met and has a very sweet disposition. We're all lucky to have him here with us!


Doris Sturm said...

Awwww...pooor Lucky! What happened to his tail, Sarah? (Sorry,I've been gone for a while)....

hope you're feeling well - I'm still waiting for my black yarn to arrive - hopefully this week ;-)


Sarah said...

Lucky did not have skin on his tail when we found him. We really don't know what happened although the vet thinks that there was likely an injury from another animal biting him at the base of his tail, causing an abcess and consequently the skin fell off, due to no blood supply.

You just would not know he had a problem with his tail. He's a high energetic cat! And now he has learned that he can flip over from one side to the other very quickly when he's lying down!