Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Day bouquet

"Well! It was love at first sight and almost any excuse would have sufficed to justify buying this bouquet today! As if an excuse was necessary, but that's something to get in touch with during this next year. Shades of orange are some of my favorite colors, and I want to focus more on them for awhile to get more uninhibited creativity flowing, especially at this time in my life experience. "" The kitten had his staples removed today at the vet's office, and received a clean bill of health. No more cumbersome Elizabethan collar, or nasty pills, and no more subduing him from vigorous activity. He's outdoors, even as I write, pursing anything that captures his ADHD fancy!"


Valerie said...

These colors inspire a quilt.

Sarah said...

I agree!