Friday, December 16, 2011

Ho Ho Hum!

Weather-wise, it was a mostly dreary day today...and a "do-nothing kind of day" for me. Despite a blister in hand, I did work some more on  rehabilitating a set of four, wood-frame, ice cream parlor style chairs - up to the point where I need more welt cord than I have on hand. to the rescue! I also need finishing nails that I do not have, but will make a trip to town tomorrow for those, & a few other things on my list.

The first Christmas card of the season arrived yesterday - a lovely handmade card from my youngest niece, Tina. I am going to admit that here at this house we do very little in the way of decorating, or celebrating outwardly, or gift and card giving. I am fully aware that this is no way to support the economy. It is what it is. And that is that.

Over the weekend I am going to take myself by the scruff of my neck and engage in some gardening related activities. Well, I'm planning to do that. I have a package of mixed greens seeds from Pinetree Seeds, & I think it's a good time to begin seeding them every two weeks. They will be ready to eat in 40 days - somewhere in the vicinity of next February. To be continued....

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Valerie said...

I wish I could be there to see you picking yourself up by the scruff of the neck. That would be a funny sight.