Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not Wild...Nor Wooly

Bright Children's Quilt

This was a fun little project! Made using fabric panels and scrap pieces from a dear friend in town. Next project is making a set of four, Lilac-colored print  table napkins, using repurposed linen fabric. 

Full Size Frontal View
I cleaned and oiled my sewing machine this morning (something that does not get done nearly often enough) in preparation for getting started with sewing 280 Cathedral Windows frames....soon!

Rear View

Yesterday I discovered that has now given us the option of voluntarily donating our store credits for the benefit of 5 different charities. I chose to donate for Toys for Tots and the Nature I have asked whether there will be the possibility of them hooking up with for year-round donations of credits. All Faith's Food Bank would work for me as well!

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