Friday, June 6, 2014

things I learn from cockroach...

This morning there has been a large cockroach scurrying conspicuously around on my sewing room floor and walls, and at one point even climbed onto my right foot. I haven't seen any roaches in this apartment for a long time, so this is clearly something to research as far as symbolic messages go. And, apropos!
"Cockroach teaches the art of adaptability and ultimate survival instincts under any conditions making this creature an emotional and spiritual shape shifter.It will teach perseverance and tenacity along with going with the flow of events. Cockroach applies determination and fortitude to survive in any event. The wisdom of Cockroach teaches how to keep in touch with the world around you, shows how to strengthen vitality and quickness of movement, ability to discern when and how to move, and make use of available resources. Virtually indestructible, it will be around long after everyone else is gone."

"Roaches are from the beetle family within the insect kingdom. All beetles carry metamorphosis energy making this creature an emotional and spiritual shape shifter and for these reason the roach showing up in your life can indicate change. Roaches can also be indicators of the desire to pull back from society and keep under the radar of others."

Cockroach - image sourced from google images
A bit more about "my" cockroach...when I got offline I went into the kitchen to eat breakfast and do a few dishes. It followed me and just stood and watched me. Then I went into the bedroom to make my bed, and it followed into the hallway. From there I went into the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out of the shower it was in the bathroom, also just standing and watching.
Update: I am moving from an apartment into a house this month. On the evening I took a futon mattress to the house to start sleeping there at night cockroach greeted me upon entry.
Joel Goldsmith: (from facebook)
"Why outline what God/s will or destiny should be for you? Instead let the inner ear be open as you listen with the invisible ear, waiting to hear the inaudible word of God. You are not asking for anything: you are realizing your oneness with your Source, communing with It, and making room for the Spirit of God to awaken in your consciousness. Then It will do Its work in you and for you and through you. Always It will do it."
from Living Between Two Worlds

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