Friday, April 17, 2015

real freedom - what is it or what is it not?

Letting Go 
(by The Founders)

“Staking your claim to something in your reality puts you in touch with that object or space. It gives you a way of relating to it. But relating to it in terms of your possession of it is not the ideal way for you to interact with the object, the place, or even the other person you are staking your claim to.

It is in your best interest to see everything as free, to see everything as available to all others as well, and to give yourselves an opportunity to interact without claiming anything or anyone as yours. It is also an acknowledgement that your relationship to the object, place, or person is always changing.

So you will feel less attached. You will feel less tied down and more free. Recognize that your relationships to objects, places, and people are there to spark within you more of who you are. They were never meant to be a substitute for that which is you.

photography by Hengki Koentjoro - facebook

  But you make them more significant than they need to be by clinging to them, labeling them, and seeing them as belonging to you. Every moment of every day, your relationship to everything changes. And it would serve you well to acknowledge that, to acknowledge that you can never hold on to something or someone past the point of where it serves you.

You must let go. You must be willing to accept that whatever it is, whoever it is, and whatever is represented, there is no ownership. There is no holding forever. And even if you could, what you would be holding on to would change before your eyes. You would not have the same experience of whatever you were holding on to.

So allow yourselves the opportunity to evolve with the people, places and things around you by letting go and by changing with them.

(We are The Founders)

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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