Monday, April 20, 2015

Your duty is to Be, and not to be this or that....

Reality is simply loss of ego (awareness of awareness). Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego has no existence (being only thoughts), it will automatically vanish (when you are still), and Reality (awareness) will shine forth by itself in all its glory. This is the direct method. 

All other methods retain the ego. In those paths so many doubts arise, and the eternal question remains to be tackled. But in this method the final question is the only one and is raised from the very beginning.

No practices (sadhanas) are even necessary for this quest.

Your duty is to Be, and not to be this or that.

"I Am that I Am" sums up the whole truth; the method is summarized in "Be still."
The state we call Realization is simply being one's self,
 not knowing anything or becoming anything.

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