Monday, January 4, 2016

teach only Love for that is what you truly are...

 on Contemplative Prayer:
A Course in Miracles quote
" reason why our meditation never gets started is perhaps that we never make this real, serious return
to the center of our own nothingness before God. Hence we never enter into the deepest reality of our relationship with him. In other words we meditate merely "in the mind," in the imagination or at best in the desires, considering religious truths from a detached objective point of view. We do not begin by seeking to "find our heart", that is to sink into an awareness of the ground of our identity before God and in God. "Finding our heart" and
recovering this awareness of our inmost identity implies the recognition that our external everyday self is to a great extent a mask and a fabrication. It is not our true self. It is not easy to find. It is hidden in obscurity and “nothingness” at the center where we are in direct dependence on God." ~Thomas Merton

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