Thursday, August 11, 2016

being in the Presence...

Touching Enlightenment
"In meditating with the body as our guide, 
we come to feel that, 
perhaps for the first time in our lives,
 we are in the presence of a being, 
our own body, 
that is wise, loving, flawlessly reliable, 
and, strange to say, 
worthy of our deepest devotion."
~Reggie Ray
( photo of myself - from 2007)
Recently a friend gave me this photo of myself taken at a folk music event almost a decade ago. No one knows where it was, or who took the photo, nor was I aware of the photo being taken. I usually don't care to see myself in photos but this one reminds me of my peaceful "self". I'm a very private person, but am OK with presenting this particular image to the public eye. Peace to all who come across my little (blog) oasis, in a world that is way too distracting and busy. ~Sarah

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