Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hump Day Mini Featurette for October 15th, 2010

Churn Dash Quilt

Hi! My name is Valerie, and I have been sewing ever since junior high school in the late 60's; mostly I made clothing. During 7th grade sewing class, I swore I'd never sew again. But once I knew how to make clothes properly, I saw all the defects in store bought clothes. Then I just had  to make them myself.

I began making quilts in 1983 and became completely addicted to them. I remember seeing quilts at the Kutztown Folk Festival when I was maybe 10. For years I dreamed of making a quilt and selling it there. My dream came true. I've made many quilts and sold maybe 10 of them at the Festival. Now I sell my quilts and other handmade items in my  Etsy store online at etsy.

I get my ideas from my collection of quilting books, from the flowers in my yard, and fabric shops. My daughter rolls her eyes when I look at something and see a quilt pattern. She says, "Mom, you see quilts everywhere."

Many years ago, my grandmother crocheted potholders. Hers were round and done in single crochet. She had a special knack for making them flat. I never figured that out, so mine are square and done in half double crochet to make them get done a bit faster. I love working with all those colors.

I also like to use up clothing and other fabrics that are worn in just a few places. I make bags with the better pieces, and crocheted rugs with the not so good pieces. A few less things in the landfills.


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storybeader said...

quilting is something I've always loved, but never attempted! So pretty!

Valerie said...

What a nice write-up. Thank you.

Valerie said...

Clarification: when I say I saw all the defects in store bought clothes, I'm taking about inexpensive clothes (I won't name stores). We weren't rich and spent about $10 on a pair of pants. I suppose expensive clothes are made better than that, but I still don't spend that kind of money.
My pet peeve with clothing is seam allowances that are pressed in opposite directions at either end so that the seam never lies flat.

Anonymous said...

I don't quilt, I just admire the amazing colors and all that work that goes into making these heirlooms. This is an amazing piece! Just lovely!