Monday, October 31, 2011

I Spy a Charm Quilt?

I Spy a Charm Quilt?
Years ago my mother knotted & finished a colorful scrappy quilt top that had been given to us. We used it whenever one of us didn't feel quite right, and it was a really comfy feeling - more than any other quilts I've had. I'm sure it's quite worn by now ( my ex has it - I think) and I still refer to it fondly as the "Magic Quilt". This quilt top reminds me of that quilt.

A thrift store find, this was a NEW QUILT (lap quilt size) with the blocks on both sides, with no batting. Even though I really, really, really do not like ripping that is what I did, and then added borders for a double bed size quilt top. After my remake it's now a combination of "I Spy Quilt" and "Charm Block Quilt" and "Scrappy Quilt" and "Magic Quilt" - all in one quilt!

Measures: 84" x 91" and is ready to knot or quilt by hand or machine.

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Valerie said...

Beautiful quilt top. What has become of it?