Monday, October 24, 2011

Where Vintage met Contemporary

"Where Vintage Met Contemporary"
Interesting Zipper Tab!

"Closure"....we all have many openings, and many Closures! Each one a little different.  Some of our relationships last longer than others. Some were cut off short. Some have threads hanging loose yet. Some are rusty. Some are definitely vintage - that may be good or not so good. All depends.

The Story:
The cotton fabric for the quilt front and back is repurposed table napkins. The zippers and buttons are vintage and previously used. They look like the buttons my mother snipped off garments that had seen their best days & kept in her button jar until further notice. Zippers she saved from trousers, shirts and dresses and kept in a drawer of her Singer treadle sewing machine. I still remember how the drawers smelled. Often the threads were still hanging from the zippers and buttons. 
Note the zipper tab on the red zipper in particular! Click on the photos for a close-up view.

Measurements: 17" W. x 17" H.
Cotton fabric & fiberfill.
Vintage buttons and zippers.
Machine quilted using the stippling method.


jcsvisuals said...

I love the meaningful history behind this work. Thank you for sharing...

Sarah said...

Thanks, JoAnn!

Valerie said...

Good analogy between zippers and life.

Dix said...

Loved the story. I'd forgotten the button jar but my mother did have one.