Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reversible I Spy and Beatrix Potter ABC Quilt, and Princess Quilt

Beatrix Potter ABC Quilt
I Spy Quilt
I Spy Quilt - close-up
Beatrix Potter ABC Quilt - close-up
Princess Quilt
Princess Quilt - close-up
Princess Quilt - back view
The Beatrix Potter ABC and I Spy quilt are two sides of one reversible quilt. My intent was to make a quilt where both sides could be used as an educational tool at different stages of learning. I made 2 of this one for twin boys in Hawaii.

And the Princess Quilt is for a little princess, of course!... the sister of the twin boys in Hawaii!

Both quilts are 100% machine made & quilted by me. 

Fiber contents are: 
all cotton fabrics, thread, and 100% cotton or 80% cotton/ 20% poly batting

Care suggestions are: Machine wash in warm water & mild soap. Machine dry.

FYI about the intent of an I Spy's a educational game to play with children. One person says "I spy... (name something in the quilt such as a monkey)" and the other person/s try to find it. That's the general idea....



Valerie said...

They're nice. I like the quilting.

Anonymous said...

The Beatrix Potter quilt is so gorgeous Sarah. Makes me wish my kids were small. Maybe for for a grandchild someday...