Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quietly, and with dignity, Listen to Your Heart of Hearts

French Model
The photo of this French model was floating around on Facebook awhile ago, and I feel as though I've already used it in another blog post. However, it is perfect for a point I feel the need to make.  

Living a less active life, and going through menopause is causing my body to look a bit more like her body. Maybe I can do something about it. Maybe that something is just to be more accepting of what is....that, AND do something about it! 

Acorns already have all the knowledge (DNA) of the tree they will one day become. Climate and day to day weather are influential as well. 

We as humans have more choices than acorns do...mobility for one. And trees don't need to get an education to make a living to provide for their own basic needs, or the needs of their offspring - if they have any. That's another choice people have.

The words I really wish someone had spoken to me when I was a teenager are: "Quietly, and with dignity, consistently listen to and follow the impressions you receive from your own 'heart of hearts'. Do not let even the people you love the most get in the way of you fulfilling your own destiny. And, continue doing that for the rest of your life" So there! I've now said the words for others to hear, and follow if they so choose.

What I wanted as a young girl was to live a beautiful life. I wanted to be able to wear feminine clothing, shoes and hairstyle of my choice, listen to joyful music, read thought-provoking books & have uplifting conversations with people with educated other words - a refined life. Unfortunately, the hard work of trying to establish my right to assert myself got in the way of many of my primary relationships. We never were able to have an understanding of what was going on. I was never even able to speak the just seemed like they were going to hit a really, really hard wall, get all smashed and slide down onto a quivering little heap. 

Mom and Dad...wherever you hang out now, I really hope that you have the ability and or courage to understand. For all I know, you too had many of the same desires of the heart that I did, with even less capability to make choices for yourself. 


AkasaWolfSong said...

Sarah...I love the image of this I think she embodies most women.

Having said that I 'hear' what you are saying. Had I not been so busy trying to grapple with having just a small portion of Earth to stand upon I would have been able to 'hear' my own heart too?

At 58 I now am able to. Thankfully and Gratefully! :) And having a young, svelte body is no longer tantamount to my happiness, lol, but it sure would be nice? For the model above represents The Full Woman to me. :)

Here's to All Choices, big and small...


Sarah said...

Thank you, AkasaWolfSong!

Given good information, we do have the capacity to make decisions for the body in which we live, and the space in which it resides.

It's never too late to work toward the life we know rightfully can be ours!

Valerie said...

Wow, those are powerful words - the quote and your own.
I too am striving for that life of freedom of expression.
As for losing weight, I'm not asking to look like my 20 y.o. self, just a few less bulges and a little less to lug around.
On the plus side of excess weight, I've heard that it is nature's way of keeping our bones strong with all that weight bearing.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Valerie!

The quote is my original words, too.

I love hearing different viewpoints about weight gain. Many of them sense to some degree. But they don't make bending over with a "spare tire" easier. ;-)