Monday, November 21, 2011

Sustainably Harvested Hardwood Buttons by ReMaineWicked

Surprise this morning! of my supply items has been included in this DIY Mania Etsy Treasury collated by Rachel of   

I've been feeling a great affection for all things wood, pictured below is one treasury item that particularly caught  my eye!

Organic Hardwood Buttons from Maine

In the artist's words: "Wooden Buttons, Sustainably Harvested and Organic, set of four. These buttons were made by my 14 year old son, in order to try and raise money for a field trip to France!

They are made from naturally fallen, dried, Maine hardwood (either Beech, Ironwood or Maple). They were then cut, sanded, drilled, sanded and then soaked in food grade Mineral Oil for preservation. They would make a great stocking stuffer for knitters, seamstress's and crafters."

 Rain Harbison also says:

"I am passionate about creating new, lovable things from discarded, unloved or out-dated items. My clothes and housewares are made with love and respect for you and the earth. Each is made from repurposed clothing and/or vintage fabrics that otherwise, would end up in a landfill."

Click on the following link for more details about the buttons, and to see other items by Rain at  RemaineWicked.


This holiday season consider shopping with artists and crafters who specialize in bringing environmentally sustainable merchandise to the marketplace!

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Rain said...

What a nice way to wake up - A cup of joe and reading an article about my son and I! Thank you so much :)