Thursday, November 17, 2011

What are friends for! Especially old ones.

Q. So, you are quilting printed panels now? (from a longtime friend)

A. The Princess Quilt was made at a friend's request. She was going to get it for a birthday gift for her little daughter & forgot about it -spent all her money elsewhere. 

The Little Girls Gardening Quilt was made using two  strips of the girls gardening fabric - that was all I had,  filled in with latticework, using scrap fabrics. The borders and back were new fabric.  The little quilts were just fun little side projects. 

There are times when I wonder if quilters have gone completely insane...cutting up yardages of outrageously expensive fabric into small pieces and sewing them back together again. Then getting together in small or not-so-small cliches and oh-ing and ah-ing about the end result over sweets, junk foods & coffee. Sometimes I wonder if it's just busy-work for people, with women in particular - who cannot do much else artistically. Wait, wait...put down the gun! Don't shoot me just yet! I don't believe that for one minute! Because, I have seen absolutely stunning and gorgeous quilts! But I must say, if I were looking in on the planet from another planet I think I might seriously question the whole thing. Making quilts out of scraps leftover from other sewing projects I get. That makes sense. That is how quilts were made historically.

Every once in a while a good friend from town gives me a bag of scrap fabrics. Other people's scrap fabrics are fun! One time, Donna Foxwell (back in Pa.) brought me a large number of big black garbage bags filled with scrap fabric/fat quarters  & yardage even - leftover from her fabric store. Said she just threw them downstairs into her basement over the years. "The Dungeon" she called it. I dumped the bags out onto my kitchen floor, and sorted the fabrics out by color. What fun that was! Made a lot of very interesting quilts, too, because many of the fabrics were vintage.

But! ...the Big Project coming up even as I write...making 280, 4" Cathedral Windows frames for a custom request through etsy. She sent her muslin. I've got them all cut & ready to sew assembly line fashion. 

Interesting thought:
There is a group of aliens who think our planet is owned by cars. And that humans are slaves to the cars. The humans spend all their time working to make sure they have the money to take care of the cars...  Taking them out to dine at gas stations. Taking them to the beauty salon, aka car wash. Taking them to socialize in huge parking lots- long drives in the countryside or highways. Bringing them big bags of surprises from mall get the picture. Think about it! What owns you?

"The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off".~Gloria Steinem


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