Monday, March 4, 2013

Born to Thrift

It's official. I'm a die-hard junker, and a born thrifter.
Recent curbside find "Freckled" Chest of Drawers
Pfalzgraff was another curbside find
Road Atlas drawer  lining - yard sale freebie!

Placemat & Coasters made from Repurposed Tablecloth

I found this stand on the curb also....somewhere. Discovered it is used to display British pastries, etc.. That lead to looking for recipes, and then to making Lavender Scones. The dishes on the lower shelves contain  rose petals (collected from the bush in the front yard) that are drying for Rose Sachets. I like that the plates don't match each other, or anything in un-British, I'm sure.

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