Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Introducing Ruby Roxy and other Sewing Projects

Some of the sewing I've been up to lately...
Kermit the Frog Zipper Cases - Wholesale Lot of 25
etsy link 

Teeny Coin Case - Repurposed Linen/Rayon Dress

Wholesale Lot of Seven Assort. Sizes

"Ruby Roxy" Rocks!
Ruby Roxy is a mannekin I found at a thrift store this week. I was quite pleased with my mannekin until my neighbor made a comment about my male mannekin. Du'uh! Of course it was. I just had not given that any thought. Well! I decided then and there that my male mannekin was going to have a sex change procedure. That was yesterday. I thought I would end up going shopping for a bra, after taking some measurements. As I was falling asleep last evening I clearly saw the image of  how to use the padded upper part of a dress (that I had purchased for the skirt) to fashion a halter top. And that is what happened this morning. With a bit of crumpled up gift wrap tissue to boost the cup size, my mannekin is now a "she-mannekin". I "felt her up" a couple times today...I mean, I love when ingenuity comes to the rescue! As for the name...the dress label is Ruby Rox!

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Valerie said...

I get lots of my sewing ideas just as I'm falling asleep also.
As for your sex-changed mannekin, that is just too funny.