Sunday, March 9, 2014

a Parenthesis in Eternity...

"As long as the mind is governed in truth there will be no selfishness in it because we will not be directing the mind toward specific ends, but only toward attaining a greater awareness of truth, and letting this truth change our consciousness.

But this truth must be the truth about God. There is no truth about man; there is no truth about supply; there is no truth about health, there is no truth about safety. The only truth there is, is the truth about God, the truth that God is the substance of our body, our business, and our life. God is the cement of our human relationships: God is our fortress and our high tower. In Him, not in material or physical structures, do we live, and move, and have our being.

God must be in everything we do throughout our work in the Second Degree – God. By dwelling in this consciousness of God as our being and nature, gradually all hate, fear, and love of the outer world disappear, and their place is taken by a realization of the Spirit within.

Every work of truth that we embody in our consciousness becomes the breath of life to us, even the very activity of the organs of our body. We do not have to think of any of our bodily functions: all we have to think of is of God as the activity and the law unto our being, and then all action is performed harmoniously and perfectly in accordance with divine law.

It is in this second Degree that we decide whether we will serve God or mammon, and if we decide to serve God, we must determine how many hours a day we will serve Him. Eventually those that follow this Path learn that there is not a moment of the day when their mind is not stayed on truth."

~A Parenthesis In Eternity

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