Friday, March 28, 2014

Do you Kiva Zip?

Personal Story

"As a child I was always intrigued by the
natural world and chemistry. As a boy I explored the local streams and
woods of my youth. Additionally I have a great love and appreciation for
music. Music theory in particular. Later in life I attended Penn State
and received two science degrees, one in Electronic Engineering and
another in Chemistry. I have been employed by large manufacturing
companies. On a part time basis my love for music motivated me to start a
Speaker Repair and Sound Company. Later I got involved with promoting
various music festivals as Kindshows. My work caused me to relocate from
the Washington, PA area to Connecticut. Due to company layoffs this
past December I find myself back in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It is my
earnest hope that Appalachia Mud Shirts will provide me an opportunity
to avoid going back to the corporate world."
Business Description
"Appalachia Mud Shirts add value to blank
garments by utilizing abandoned mine runoff. The runoff contains
unnaturally high levels of minerals as a result of past mining
activities. The runoff is locally refereed to as "Appalachia Mud". Via a
chemical process the pigments for the dyes are produced from the
minerals contained in the runoff. The resulting byproducts are a neutral
and more environmental friendly discharge. The dying of each garment
directly affects local watersheds by diverting and treating several
gallons of runoff. Additionally our garments help raise environmental
awareness around the Abandoned Mine Runoff issue in the Appalachia
Region. Plus our shirts are a cool earthy color and are fun to wear and
What is the purpose of this loan?
"Primarily to purchase inventory and
chemicals. Additionally a small portion of the loan will go towards
upgrading my dying equipment and a commercial dryer. Approximately
$1,000 will be applied to equipment and the remainder towards inventory
and chemicals."

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