Thursday, March 13, 2014

be one with the state of Being...

 "You don’t have to forcefully try to get rid of your thoughts.
Let them play but turn your attention away from them 
and let it rest inside the Awareness alone.
Like this, 
thoughts lose their power and subside from lack of the fuel of attention.
Just stay as the Awareness.
And when I say ‘ stay as the Awareness’, 
I am not referring to an action to be taken 
or the product of some method or practice.
Actually, there is no one 'staying' as the Awareness.
This pointing is to bring the attention to where Awareness is 
and let it merge there. 
Finally, this thought of staying there must drop away also.
You just come to the full recognition
 that all there is is Awareness and your Self is That.
You must first enter and be one with the state of Presence and Being 
and you will spontaneously know.
Here, we are one."
~ Mooji


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