Thursday, July 17, 2014

a dream within the dream...

Last night I had a dream where I thought I was with my neighbor 
going through some of her things that she had out for the trash. 
I picked out a number of things that I could not believe she was trashing, 
and brought them home. Then I find out it wasn't her stuff, 
but belonged to a neighbor farther down the street, 
and she wanted to be paid for everything. 
And her prices were higher than I would pay, 
so I knew I had to pack it all up and return it. 
And then, in the dream, I realized I could just wake up from the dream
 and not have to do anything about the dream! 
Which I did. I woke myself up, and lay there thinking about that.

 The dream is highly symbolic for me. In "my waking life" 
I also don't have to pick out the neighbor's trash, 
or pay exorbitant prices for someone else's trash.
 I can just "wake up" and say "interesting! 
Thanks, but no thanks!"

watercolour dreams portrait

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