Saturday, July 26, 2014

becoming an empty page...

"Less is more."

Things accumulate. 
Empty space fills up seemingly by itself.
This is probably true for many or most people. 
You really have to keep after it to keep empty spaces in your house, 
or your life, in general.
Some with limited space to begin with have the rule -
 "when something enters the house something has to leave".
I knew of someone years ago who once a year emptied the contents of her house 
onto the curb for people to come and sort through 
and take what they needed or wanted. 
In just a short space of time her house had filled up again
 with things gifted by other people. 
I'm not sure I could quite do that since my source of livelihood 
springs from things I make in my home sewing room, 
but the point is, I believe, 
in the trust she had in the generosity of people, and the bounty of life.
Trick is, owning things but not permitting them to own you.

"A scoundrel is knowledgeable
A fool will know
But a sage is an empty page." 

Pink space abstract watercolor

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