Monday, July 14, 2014

karma is the memory of life...

"Karma is not about something good or bad that you did. 
Karma is the memory of life."

Karma – The Memory of Life

Sadhguru: The word karma evokes different types of understanding in people’s minds. Karma means action. Action is on many different levels. There is physical, mental, emotional and energy action which we can call karma. If the action sinks deeper than these four dimensions, then we call it kriya. So both karma and kriya mean action, but karma is that kind of action which leaves a residual imprint or impact upon the system. This means the memory and chemistry of that action remains. Kriya is a type of action which imprints itself on a completely different dimension and begins to dismantle the karmic residue that has accumulated in the system.
Karma is of many kinds, many different layers and many different dimensions. The actions that your father performed are working and kicking up within you in so many different ways, not just in your situation, but in every cell in your body. Many of you may have noticed that when you were eighteen or twenty, you rebelled completely against your father or mother, but by the time you were forty or forty-five, you began to behave just like them. You speak and act like them. That is a hopeless way to live because if life is going to repeat itself, if this generation is going to behave, act, live and experience life in the same way that the previous generation did, this is a wasted generation.

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