Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pure Imagination...

"Beloved, You are what you Imagine you are. Nothing, not one thing in your life is Real except for that which is imagined into being. I am not speaking of fantasy here, but Pure Imagination emanating from your divine Soul. Nothing that is, is before it is imagined. Imagination is Infinite, therefore the substance of all things is Infinite. You, my love, are Infinite.
Make your dwelling be in me, where all Power, where all Wisdom and all Love abide in Infinite potential of unfolding grace. I command you to command Me, ask whatever you will in the Essence of Pure Imagination and it shall be done unto you.
You are Pure Imagination, let us create something magical together."
~I Am

There is profound miraculous power in the words above. These words were gifted me while I was experiencing a profound miracle. I had a small stroke in my right eye, the outer ocular nerve had stopped working. I had terrible double vision, a painful condition for an artist. This condition had lasted a number of months. The words above came to me as a healing balm, I believed into them. As a direct result, I was led to a beautiful healer, she laid her hand on my eyes without saying a word. Days later my vision returned. Pure Imagination!

May I make a beautiful suggestion? Find some lovely paper and envelopes. Write out the message above. Mail it to several friends with the return address being only, ~I Am. Make sure to mail one to yourself. You may begin finding miracles before you find your pen.
You are Loved,
~Keith Allen Kay (facebook link)


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