Friday, October 9, 2015

Don't save anything, including you.

"Don't save anything, including you.
This is the purpose of these conversations:
to flick out, to flush out, to scrape out
the last little bits of nonsense from inside.
Sometimes you think there is only a little thing to remove,
but it's all of you that needs to be scraped out!
This is the kind of emptiness I am talking about.
Here, you have already touched base;
you have no opinion,
no need for privacy or specialness.
The beautiful thing is that
the more you remove, the more you are.
This is the major scam you have to get out of.
The more you think you are losing,
the more in fact you are discovering
of your real Self, which is limitless.
You are exchanging this small ego-identity
for the immeasurable.
Otherwise, it's like you are hiding God...
but from whom?
God cannot be hidden.
All this is God's dream."
~ Mooji ॐBeloved Master

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