Friday, October 16, 2015

pleasure vs delight

"Deva means divine, nirvesham means delight.... And all delight is divine. 
Pleasure is not divine - delight is always divine. 
And the distinction between pleasure and delight has to be under-stood.
Delight is always of the immediate. You see a bird on the wing - and suddenly
there is delight. You see a sunset and the clouds are luminous with the light -
and there is delight. You don't even become so conscious that you were filled with delight;
only later on when it has gone - when the sun has set, when the dark night has descended,
and the clouds are no more luminous - then retrospectively you will become aware
that there was a great moment, there was joy, and it is no more now.

Now you think about it... now you start bringing the mind into it.
Now it starts turning into pleasure. When the mind takes possession of a delight,
it turns into pleasure. So pleasure is of the past and of the future,
and delight is only of the present. In fact when it is there, you are not -
hence it is divine. It brings a moment of egolessness."
Hibiscus Blossom 
(from my back yard)

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