Thursday, March 17, 2016

gratitude for the Tao of everything...everything is same same...ah, peace.

"Naming is the origin of all the particular things that make up the world of illusion, the dream world. To break off part of the everything and name it “tree” is the first dream.
I call it “first-generation thinking.” Then thought begets thought, and we have “tall tree, beautiful tree, tree that I want to sit under, tree that would make good furniture, tree that I need to save,” and the dream goes on and on.
It takes a child just a moment to fall into the dream world, the dream of a world, when she first connects word with thing. And it takes you just a moment to question it, to break the spell and be grateful for the Tao of everything—tree, no tree; world, no world."
~ Byron Katie
all roads lead home...

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