Wednesday, March 9, 2016

who or what is the wheel of life for?

sit. be still, and know. I AM is prior to thought.

"Question: The wheel of life - manifestation, samsara - seems to continue whether one is established in that peace or not. Is there nothing in this manifestation that provides a key to peace?
Annamalai Swami: If you understand the true nature of this wheel of life, this wheel that is giving everyone so much alternating happiness and misery, this understanding will lead you to where there is no wheel, no change, no movement. This wheel is spinning in the substratum of the changeless Self. If you take your position in the still, peaceful centre of the Self you will know, simultaneously, that the Self is motionless peace, and the spinning wheel is also the Self.
Q: Why is there a need to have this spinning wheel in the Self? Why a need for manifestation at all?
Annamalai Swami: This question is only happening in your mind. If you remain in the Self, the question will not arise. Whether you move your hand or keep it still, it is still a hand. Its nature is not changed in either case.Maya is the Self. All is the Self. If you give up all distinctions, you will know this for yourself. That's all you need to do."

Sarah: We've been duped - by the collective consciousness prior to any manifestation. Sometimes I experience this realization as humorous, and sometimes I feel rage, and sometimes I feel absolutely nothing. Humor definitely feels better than rage, in my experience. And nothing just feels like nothing. I am nothing. I AM is everything. Word of caution - I AM doesn't pay the bills. There's that.

Posted by Sarah Nolt, maker of handmade zafu meditation cushions...available at zafuChi on etsy

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