Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dhyana or Meditation

osho sez:
"The Hindi word for meditation is DHYANA; the connotation is very different. By meditation, one thing is meant in English; by DHYANA something else is meant. So first we must understand the basic difference between these two words. Meditation is not a right translation, because by meditation thinking is implied. When we say someone is meditating, it means someone is thinking about something. In meditation an object is implied. In dhyan, no-object is a basic condition. By dhyan is meant a meditative mood without any object.

Objects must cease, mind must become just a pure mirror - a mirroring, not mirroring anything - just a mirror without any object in it, a pure mirror. By dhyan, this purity of the mind is indicated.

So first, no object should be in the mind. Mind must remain alone without thinking about anything - with no thought, just a consciousness, just an awareness, just an alertness.

This alertness without any object is meditation." ~ osho
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Edith Canon said...

The physical and emotional benefits of meditation have been proven again and again but some of us are too preoccupied to even have the time for it.