Sunday, October 21, 2012

KidZ Quilts; and Where Do my Quilts End Up?

My membership to our local quilt guild has lapsed quite a number of moons ago, & not because it wasn't absolutely fascinating to attend. It was! It's just that I am such a die-hard morning person. It really takes a lot to drag me out of the house in the evening part of the day when every part of body and soul are begging to be laid to rest for the night on my very own sweet bed. But, when I was a member in good standing I enjoyed "Show and Tell" most of all the activities. The guild participated in making quilts for children that were hospitalized with serious illnesses. "KidZ Quilts" they called them. Like the one pictured here.

KidZ Quilt
made by Gentle Hand Quilter in 2006
Recently, I found this cute quilt by Gentle Hand Quilter Maritza of our fair city at the Goodwill I frequent - priced at less than $3.00.  I looked at it. And looked at it - not quite believing my eyes. Wow! So, we never really do know where not only our handiwork but also our charity is going to end up - do we? Anyway, it's here now and I am going to get it to a good home.

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