Monday, January 28, 2013

Wisteria, and Linen Fabric

A facebook friend from Colorado bought four Geisha Mug Mats from my etsy store today for her children to use at the kitchen counter at breakfast! I see some of the photos she posts to her facebook timeline of her children, and now I know they will be using something I made. The internet is just soooo darn cool! Seriously.

Today, I cut more mug mats from a beautiful deep orange and avocado print. Tomorrow I will probably start with them...and probably finish at least a set of four. Stay tuned.

Also, today I found a very lovely linen blend fabric at one of my favorite haunts. Some of the flowers on it remind me of the Wisteria Vine that grew on the old wood shed when I was living on the farm. I loved those warm spring days when they were blooming, and the air was heavy with that sweet scent. Bumble bees loved their sweetness too. The air was alive with energy particles dancing around.
Linen Blend Fabric

Not sure what to do with this piece of fabric.... It's a yard long and 54" W.  It would make 2-3 zafus, I think. Or, other things....but, I'm sure it will come to me!

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