Sunday, January 27, 2013

Geisha Mug Mats or Coasters

Recently, I came across a piece of black and white Geisha print fabric at a thrift store. It brought back memories of a black and white Drunkard's Path Quilt I made when I was a teenager. Making a black and white quilt didn't go over big with the culture I grew up in. "Ewww! Who would want a black and white quilt?" was a comment I got from my sister in law's mother. Ouch! But, I feel as though I vaguely knew something even then of yin and yang and the "drunken path" we walk as we go through this crazy world. But, I digress...I bought the fabric; found a piece of black cotton fabric in my hutch to use for backing, and now there are a bunch of mug mats or coasters in existence.
4 with Black Backing

Two with White Quilting

4 with Maroon Backing

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