Thursday, December 5, 2013

feeling God

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“Do you hear the words “I am God also” or do you feel it as an intimate, deep, loving experience?

Mm, good question. It sounds nice to say “I am God also,” but it’s very mental. But how many of you have actually experienced it?

There are a lot of concepts of God. I don’t necessarily like the word ‘God,’ but I use it here because it’s a common term. There are a lot of concepts of God out there, and actually, frankly, the ones who teach God know the least about God. Absolutely. The ones who are the fanatics, the extremists, the righteous, they know the very least about God. They’re teaching from a book. They’re teaching from their mind, their rules, their limitation, their sense of need for their internal suffering and their rules.

Why other humans allow them to teach about God, I do not know, other than perhaps most humans have this distorted view.

The concept of God in this world is perhaps one of … it is one of the top three things that are the most imbalanced about consciousness right now – the concept that God is somewhere else; the concept of God as a father; the concept of God having any rules or giving a damn what you do. The concept of God is manmade. The ones who are at the pulpits, the ones who are calling for the rise of arms have not experienced God.

You cannot study God. You cannot construct a God. You can only experience it. And when you do, it is a deep and intimate experience, an experience that you’ll probably not even want to talk about. It is so beautiful, so personal, it would almost be a distortion to talk about it with others.

That’s why in the old times there was no word or name of God, because it was known by a few that it is something so personal that you can’t talk about it.”

The Discovery Series
SHOUD 1: “Discovery 1”
September 7, 2013

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