Saturday, December 21, 2013

romancing your soul...

from facebook
"There was a time in life I was lonely, unhappy and had very low self-esteem. I thought if I only found someone to define me, someone to fill the holes within my heart, everything would be okay. After the hard break-up of my fourth in a series of bad relationships I realized I was the common denominator. That is when I stopped looking for someone else to define me. I stopped wanting someone else to make my life worth living. I took over the job myself because I must love me first, to love others well."

Blessings, Regina


Regina V. Cates is a spiritual teacher and author, positivity junkie and cheerleader of soul. She is co-founder of Romancing Your Soul, whose mission is to empower you to lead with your heart to transform your relationships from worrisome to WONDERFUL!

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