Tuesday, December 31, 2013

limitation of identity and the dream world...

Identity is a limitation. You don't need to argue about it or analyse it. 
Just see it. See the limitation of being identified. 
Being identified as a person, as a man, 
as a woman, as a father, mother, as a human, 
as a body mind, as whatever. It is limitation. 
Don't argue about it. Don't analyse it to death. 
When you see it, you can be free of it. 
Because of your identification habits, you will not be free
 immediately, but it is a good start. When you are still arguing about it
 thinking about it, analyzing it, you remain uncertain, 
 unclear and you remain in your identification, 
you remain in your limitation and you continue to pray for salvation. 
You are beyond all this. Beyond the world, 
beyond the body, beyond the phenomenal world.
Just see it and be on the way to re-cover 
your true freedom, your true wisdom, your true Self.
Who cares how you put it as long as you do it. 
You don't need to wait for someone else to do it for you, 
to make you free.
When you concern yourself with the dream and analyse the dream, 
you are in dreamland and do not awaken.
You engage your mind in worldly analysis and 
hope this will lead you to the heart but it won't. 
It will entertain you but will not remove the thorn of separation
and the illusion of mortality. Your love for the personal story 
keeps you engaged in it and limits you to it.
You can engage your mind in higher reasoning, 
like Shri Atmananda guided many to.
The inquiry into your true nature is a higher inquiry 
and not a mundane one. Like the explorers of the New World 
who had a higher vision, you need to look beyond the horizon of your mind, 
beyond the worldly events that attract you.
The truth that you seek is not visible to the senses 
and is not available to the mind. It is the seemingly hidden 
vastness that reads these words, that is infinite and border-less 
... remaining formless, it takes on all forms.
You know it as you are it ... but you can only celebrate it 
when you wake up to it, when you wake up to your true Self. 
The celebration is like no other. 
Like the lost child that makes her way back to the castle.

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