Sunday, December 29, 2013

spiritual discernment...healing

We are dealing not with conditions 
but with mental concepts, 
and when they hit up against the truth, 
the concepts dissolve and disappear 
just as light 
coming into the room 
dissolves darkness, 
yet the light 
does not dissolve the darkness 
 there is no such thing as darkness.
To God 
the dark and the light are the same. 
Anything of a physical nature, 
whether it is negative or positive, 
evil or good, 
is the same in the eyes of God:
 illusion or nothingness. 
both ends of the stick are recognized 
by us as being unreal, 
then we can say the same thing. 
Sickness and physical health, 
darkness and light, 
sin and purity are one and the same. 
They are all mortal illusion, 
all nothingness, 
the dream.

Spiritual Discernment: the Healing

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