Thursday, March 26, 2015

Being vs becoming Being...

"The Self
is the one thing you can discover,
not by travelling miles,
but by being very still
 inside your own being
 and saying to the Supreme,
“Yes, absorb me.” "
~ Mooji


"There are no separate selves;
 there is just the mass consciousness
having the notion/s of separate selves.
We already are absorbed in the Supreme Self, 
but we are asleep and dreaming that we are individual selves.
We already ARE the Ocean,
but dreaming of being waves on the ocean,
or perhaps thinking we are droplets of water.
Even a droplet of water having a peaceful dream
of being a "spiritual" individual
as opposed to other droplets who are lesser evolved
 is still dreaming of separation..."


Sun on the Gulf of Mexico

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