Thursday, March 19, 2015

the fingerprints of Love, with intention...

~Dr. David R. Hawkins
"There is no art without love. Art is always the making of the soul, the craft of man's touch, whether that touch is corporeal or the touch of the mind and spirit; so it has been since Neanderthal times, and so it will always be. Thus, we find that computer-generated art and even great photographs never calibrate as highly as original paintings. A most interesting kinesiologic experiment, which anyone can reduplicate, is to test the strength of a person who is looking at an original painting and then repeat the test looking at a mechanical reproduction of that painting. When a person looks at something that has been handcrafted, he goes strong; when he looks at a reproduction, he goes weak, and this is true regardless of pictorial content. An original of a disturbing subject will make the subject go stronger than a copy of a pleasant subject. Dedicated artists put love into their work, and there is great power in both the human touch and human originality"
“Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior” 
(2012), Chapter 14: Power in the Arts, p. 212


Love Watercolor Art


"We put steamed rice in 3 different containers. 
One container with positive words,
 another container with negative words and the other one with no words.
After 11 days past…
(Left) Container with positive words: Still white rice and not much molds
(Centre) Container with negative words: Turn to be black and dark molds
(Right) Container with no words: Turn to be dark greenish molds
Basically these containers have been sealed since the start of the experiment. 
No words spoken were spoken to each rice. 
Only words on the containers changed each rice.
As Dr. Emoto is telling, we are 70% water 
so if you always smile or use positive words, 
it will affect water in your body in a positive way 
but if you are always mad and use negative words, 
you might get sick easily.
Let's be positive and use positive words to yourself and others."


watercolour painting original

original available on etsy by Kribro 


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