Monday, March 2, 2015

world as melodrama-mine...

" 'Now-ness' is the primordial, overreaching, all-powerful, unchangeable, and absolute requirement to experiencing. It is the essence of awareness of being and existence. It is impossible to exist anywhere at all except in the drastic, radical reality of now. This instant is all there is. One's own consciousness as Self is the only Eye by which anything can be experienced or known. The inner sense of reality is bestowed by the Self on the 'outer' surroundings, which is what makes them seem real. The sense of realness is therefore a projection of consciousness by the self, originating from the Self. One is therefore not the witness of a 'real' world; one is actually the source of its seeming reality. The world is actually entertainment. Like amusement, it is meant to be worn lightly. Heaven is within and is revealed by awareness. The world is merely an appearance. Its melodrama is an artifice of the distorted sense of perception. It leads one to think that the world is large, powerful, and permanent and that the Self is small, weak, and transitory; exactly the opposite is true."
~Dr. David R. Hawkins

excerpt from  
The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing is Hidden” (2002), 
Chapter 4: The Basics—Rediscovery of The Pristine State


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