Wednesday, November 16, 2016

all who have dared to dip their toes into ‘any’ pond...

"All of my, your, everyone’s experiences 
are constantly adding to group consciousness. 
The good, bad and the ugly are all equally valid contributions 
to our soup pot of perspectives and moments lived.

We need and appreciate ALL experiences each and every living cell
 is creating and living and interpreting and growing 
and even dying from their unique perspective for the collective benefit of us all! 
We ALL gain new expansion through the gift of those 
who have dared to dip their toes into ‘any’ pond.

We all receive awareness of something ‘new’ through infinite paths of experience 
that last on our eternal timelines that intertwine 
with an intelligence not meant to be understood. 
Do not judge or attempt to control others’ paths.
Allow them and your Self, to express freely and uniquely
 into new dreams and causeways that carry us all deeper 
and further into knowing who we ‘all’ really are."
~ Mel Morfitt ~
"Circle Dance" by etsyseller TransformativeArt
"Circle Dance" giclee print original piece was inspired by the book "Cracking the Cosmic Egg" by Joseph Clinton Pierce.

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